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Fairy Tail: Alyra ID Card by majijehkic11 Fairy Tail: Alyra ID Card by majijehkic11
Hello.Finally i have Alyra like Fairy Tail character so this is here BIO

Name: Alyra
Surname: Warren
Alias: Aly
Gender: Female
Age 18 (x718-x791)
Birthday: January first
Species: Human,Mage
Hair color: Dark blond
Eye color: Light green
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Characteristic: Very long hair,birthmark on her forehead

Alyra is very  serious girl,she loves sitting in her room for hours and brushing her long hair.She don't talk much when she came from the past but after some time she become  outdoor,she started talking with everyone,she loves clothes and accessories for her hair.She don't want fall in love because her motto is "Not ready for relationships yet"

Fairy Tail info

Affiliation: Fairy Tail(x791)  
Status: Active
Rank: Guild Master
Guild Mark: Iris purple,located on the right side of her neck
Team: Alsamka
Team members: Samantha Sinell,Katherine RoseBottom

Magic info

Magic: Life essence
Type: Caster

Alyra with life essence power can give life to dead peoples,animals,plants etc,Alyra can also took life from someone .She can give life to objects and stuff.She can also shoot her magic in form of big green balls.


Alyra was born in x700 and she was lived in Kingdom of Dragnof on Ishgar.She and her parents live in peace until ,Reservia  came.Reservia was enemy of Irene Belserion(Queen of Dragnof also know as Queen of Dragons).She banished Irene and start to rule by herself.Because on Dragnof human and dragons living in peace,Reservia is  turn dragons against humans.One dragon called Koloia killed Alyra parents and sisters.Alyra was desperately and furious she ran away.Later she find magic scepter who transport her from x718 to x791.She goes to Kingdom of Fiore  and to Magnolia town and she join in Fairy Tail guild where she meet Samantha and Katherine and they  up the team called 'Alsamka'


Family: Parents: Marilyn and Tom Warren(died)    Two older sisters Alura and Hicta(Alura died) Hicta ran away and nobody knows where is she now

Friends: Samantha ,Katherine but she have good  relations with everyone in Fairy Tail guild and also from other Guilds like Melissa Whisperia and Jennifer Foreflayer from Mermaid Heel guild

Enemies: Reservia(she destroyed her kingdom and killed her family)

Crush: Bob'o Donell(meet him at x792)


Fav color: Purple
Fav Element: Earth
Fav food: Lasanga
Hobbies: Brushing her hair,swimming,shopping


Alyra hair growing more every time she cried
She wants to join in Mermaid Heel one time when she have fight with Lucy but Samantha change her mind
She have birthmark on her forehead from birth that sign  is Ankh symbol of life
Her mother was Queen of Nuloura(dark kingdom which nobody don't find yet) but when she meet Tom they move to Kingdom of Dragnof


'I'm rapunzel!!'-to girl who said that she have short hair
'My hair is longer than your pride'-to Bob when she first meet him
'Soon i will revenge my parents death'-to Reservia when she see her again
'Look, sun is blue'-to Katherine when Samantha make sun blue
' From Fairy Tail? hahahah don't even try'- To council when they want to  kick out here from Fairy Tail cause someone accused from crime that she didn't make it


Design,art,style of bio by AshianaAquaris
Alyra by majijehkic11 (me)
Background: HachimonTonko

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December 16, 2016
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