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They are all  Bloom!! by majijehkic11 They are all  Bloom!! by majijehkic11
Hey guys.Finally i posted something that i'm planning very long period.Here you can see list of characters from random cartoons i choose,all of this characters have similiar personality as Bloom from Winx Club.They all are Mary -Sue  characters,having amazing life,strongest power,beauty etc.


We all know who is Bloom,she is character from Winx Club who is most strongest fairy in whole dimension because her dragon flame power.She is only one who have abilities which other winx haven't for example sense of danger,ability to see where are someone teleported etc... Because that we have felling that Bloom isn't just a fairy of dragon flame but more powers which isn't named in cartoon.


Will from W.I.T.C.H are is similiar to Bloom.She is guardian of the most strongest object in universe heart of kandrakar ,and other girls have just simple element power.Will is also have similiar have color as Bloom.In one of season Will also have the strongest power element ..Energy,so we have felling that she is guardian of the strongest object and also have strongest power,just like Bloom


Honestly i never watched this cartoon but i read about it.Blossom is powergirl who have similiar name as Bloom from Winx.She also have similiar hair and she is the strongest of the girls.She is one of characters who "save the day" just like Bloom,so i think she is just like her.She always can defeat any enemies and other girls can't.I think Blossom is pretty cute and i really like her   unlike other girls on this list


Girl from Monster High.Also the most popular and the most beautiful unlike rest of the girls.She have the most interesting storyline and also she become president of the school.She also are good student and having two boyfriends unlike others.I don't want talk much about her cause she don't have power so she can't be strongest,be she is similiar to Bloom because she is the "best"


Girl from the most popular Fairy Tale characters.Born to have great destiny full of glory and  riches.The most beautiful characters in all school,all boys like her and she is always in center of attention.She have soo much friends and having the most beautiful outfits.Totally like Bloom and totally Mary Sue.


Don't know why but Raf always is the most similiar to Bloom for me.She have so similiar appereance to Bloom and in Croatian version she have similiar voice.She is from the Earth and she isn't real angel.She have the most interesting story and she must find her true self just like Bloom i think because that she is so similiar ,she have strongest power and she always win in competicions.


Girl from Earth who find out that she have powers and live in magic kingdom...sounds familiar?.I think Rose have the most similiar storyline to Bloom,her parents also don't her real parents and she is also daughter of the most popular Fairy Tale character.All boys like her and she is the strongest.I don't want tell much about her because i don't like her but how i heard and read i don't want it .


Beautiful ,popular,strong girl,have best ideas and always save the day.Sam is similiar to Bloom ,hair color,personality etc.Can catch any villian by herself unlike rest of the girls.Although i like her and she is my favourite character i think she is like Bloom..srry Sam xD


Iris are girl from magical planet who was half destroyed and she lived on Earth don't knowing anything about her true origin until she meet rest of the girls..similiar?.She is the most strongest in the club,have the most beautiful voice etc.

Also all of these characters are leaders of their clubs.We find out that all cartoon have one "Bloom" xD

taffybratz Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Student Artist
Actually Will wasn't that much of a mary sue in season 1. She had the heart but all she could do was transform the girls, blind people for a minute with it, open portals and that's about it. She had to depend on punching and kicking enemies at the time and when her leg got chained by up the Tracker in two episodes, she had to be saved by the others since she had no power to attack with. As for the Heart of Kandracar, it is powerful but in season 2 there are other Hearts, like the Heart of Merdian. Also, her power is simple too, quintessence is lightning and that's a element from what I read'd, in Greece. So it was energy but in season 1 but she was more of a light element whenever she used the Heart to blind people. Though in season 2 it was changed so all the girls had a simple power so it's water, fire, earth, air, lightning.  
Transitory-fox Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, I agree with you. Totally. Will, even in season 2, is better than Bloom.
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